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As a 62 year-old divorced father of two young adults and grandfather, Brian is currently a member of Roanoke's homeless community. Formerly an educator with a particular acumen for Economics and Psychology, Brian has utilized a wide range of digital and multimedia technologies in recent years to help facilitate global (public) awareness and learning.

Otherwise known as 'gospelnous' on the internet his, "A Crisis in American Leadership" has topped major search engine lists over the last 2 years. Consequently, Brian's work has offered phenomenal insight as to how human ideals of justice and democracy are being effaced by the tyrannous advance of a 'New World Order'.

"Over the last century, a system of global dominion has been adopted by the United States which poses a significant threat to world peace. Tragically, but at the same time, Americans have been relinquishing their personal freedoms while undermining the well being of future generations; all in service to this juggernaut's unstated goals." a quote from, The Enemy's Lies website.

Although Brian's focus continues to center on themes of human development, world history, leadership, and morality, he is especially engrossed by Integral Thought (i.e. Economics), complexity science, and interobjectivity. In addition to serving as a homeless advocate to various civic groups, Brian is advancing practical applications of sustainable development in Roanoke, Virginia.

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